“Na du! Wie geht es dir?”

When you search out the word “you” in German the first translation you find is “Sie”. This, of course, is correct, however, it’s not the only way to address someone you are communicating with. One of the first things you learn about addressing others when learning the German language is that there is a formal form and an informal form. In German, you use either the formal form “sie” or the informal form: “du”. …

5 Years of Dedication- Recognition

When founding Kaiser X Labs, it was important to the four Managing Directors to initially set up a diversely talented team that works together towards a common goal yet also brings his/her/its own unique approach to the table. This remained the goal going forward, and the result today is a multidisciplinary group that understands how to work together and represents the skills and perspectives needed to create innovative solutions and user experiences.

As part of our anniversary celebration, we want to publicly acknowledge the Kaisers who have been with KXL from the very beginning. This…

5 Years KXL- Celebration

5th Year Anniversary Edition Notebook

Due to the Corona pandemic, Kaiser X Labs has never had a bigger challenge to overcome than in 2020, but we have also never experienced so much success looking at our companies performance. As we continue along our path in 2021, it is with great pleasure that we announce five years of Kaiser X Labs!

Anniversaries are a time to celebrate who we are and where we come from but also to reflect on how we have evolved. We want to celebrate our team for their participation in, and contribution to, our success.

In the last five years, we have…

Here at Kaiser X Labs, we are lucky to start new projects very often, which allows us to continuously learn and grow. Working in the insurance world, one can imagine it’s not always easy, and projects can be challenging. We’ve put user research at the core of our work and, as mentioned in our previous article, we believe that the complexity of insurance processes can be resolved through experiences.

Our extremely dynamic and talented team is formed of different functions- researchers, designers (with different areas of focus, as such brand, UI, UX, system designers), researchers, developers, and data analysts, who…

Where UX Research meets Development meets Data Analytics

Humans Need to Connect.

Customer feedback is universally regarded as critical for business success. It is often used to evaluate existing features and plan new features or to leverage information for marketing purposes.

Most of us are familiar with the ever-present star-based ratings. App stores rely heavily on this type of user feedback as well as web portals that help us find a restaurant. From YouTube videos to rating doctors online — giving feedback and taking in feedback to guide decisions has become a crucial part of our modern-day reality and our interactions with companies and brands.

Customer Centricity is a Team Sport

Insurances are customer-centric in their very nature…

Masks produced by volunteers of the Valenciacose initiative

A Welcome Back for Kaisers

Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, our offices throughout Germany were forced to close on March 16, 2020. After more than 80 days of remote working, we have begun the process of reopening our offices, starting slowly with Wave 1 of our return-to-office strategy. This strategy will be executed in a 3-wave approach. These waves will be implemented in line with Germany’s federal & official restrictions. Each wave will only be implemented provided that certain trigger conditions are met and with a minimum 4-week buffer between each wave. …

Back in August of 2018, we published an article titled “What is Usability Testessen?”. This article shared our testing experience that included pizza, beer and a successful journey to valuable insights. Since then, Allianz has received a lot of valuable feedback on the development of products brought to the Usability Testessens, as well as those brought to our internal testing format called Lunch Testings. To continue in our goals of great testing experiences, Allianz Leben and Kaiser X Labs have joined together to strengthen these formats by giving them both a solid framework to live in. …

How KXL is Bringing the Future into 2020

Researchers are in the business of humans and since humans are strange and complex, it’s safe to assume that there will always be a need for a better understanding of our needs and behaviours. As researchers, we rely on our brain’s ability to create a process to decipher others and find an understanding that helps set functions and motions that benefit our surroundings. The process of reaching that kind of understanding has been ever-changing, especially in the last 15 years. With the appearance of more and more digital products alongside physical products, researchers have been given a wider set of…

Client: Syncier is an Insurance as a Service company using Cloud native technology formed by different ventures that together afford the holistic offer of Insurance services.

Areas: Concept, Naming, Brand Identity, Visual Design, Web design

Syncier is the space enabling other companies to use selected, pre-built elements of the insurance value chain on a subscription basis, essentially powering insurance operations for others. Syncier is the frame that shapes insurance businesses in different ways, based on different needs, by offering infrastructure and insurance services in the Cloud.

When starting with the brand for Syncier, we wanted to address the generosity of…

In a whirlwind of a few weeks back in April, we didn’t just grow by a few new team members but by a whole new team at once. Today, we are happy to announce our new Data Analytics team, 8 specialists who immediately broadened our offerings with the addition of their services and expertise. The Data Analytics team, located in Hanover and remote locations throughout Germany work closely with our other offices in Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt and with our Allianz partners and external teams.

So, what exactly is Data Analytics and why are we so excited about it?

We are Kaisers

Communication for Kaiser X Labs

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